Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Financial Times Report on Modern Energy

From the FT:

A disruptive time of profound change

The energy sector has to cope with an unprecedented variety of demands, says Ed Crooks

Fusion: Cost rises put hope at risk

A reactor is closer to being built – but doubts have grown, says Clive Cookson

The majors: The older oil giants move into a new and troubled world

Ed Crooks looks at where traditional companies go next

Nuclear: Inefficiencies bedevil the N-industry

But many believe now is a good time to press ahead, says Carola Hoyos

Biofuels: Hopes ride on next generation

The industry may have found an answer to its enduring problems, writes Fiona Harvey

Hawaii algae: Scum’s big break

Royal Dutch Shell is building six acres of ponds to be filled with green goo as it expects to sell commercially significant volumes of oil squeezed out of algae,writes Ed Crooks

Renewables: Solar power sees light at end of tunnel

But wind power is becoming a victim of its own success, writes Fiona Harvey

Wind campaign: Pickens Plan blows a breath of fresh air into the debate

The oilman’s campaign to boost US dependence on wind power has elevated the discussion on the use of clean energy, says Sheila McNulty

Australia: Long shots grow more costly

Values of speculative coal bed methane assets are climbing, says Peter Smith

Hydrogen: Wonder gas receives a lift

Advances in making and storing this clean fuel show promise, says Emma Byrne

Coal: Dirtiest source of power aims to clean up its act

Automobiles: Partnerships lead the charge on plug-ins

Guest column: Investors must learn to play a leading role

Entrepreneurs: Green sources open field to many entrants

Guest column: Sector’s policies come under global scrutiny

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