Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bloggers! Traders! Obsessive Recipe Collectors! Here's the Cray Mini-supercomputer!

Do you remember the pitches for early Personal Computers:
Keep all your recipes in one place!
It was somewhere between the TRS 80 and the IBM PC ('77-'81):
TRS-80 Model I.

IBM PC (model 5150)
We'll cut them some slack, they knew this might be important but weren't quite sure how.
If you're like me (and I know I am), you've thought "If only I had a home Supercomputer,
I would own the world".
Here you go, from Next Big Future
(I'll write a review when I figure out how to turn it on):

Cray is releasing a personal supercomputer the cray CX1 which will run Microsoft HPC Server 2008 operating system. It will start off at $25,000 and goes to $80,000 or more

The CX1 chassis has enough room for eight blades of single- or dual-socket Intel Xeon processors. In today's presentation, Cray said the current peak configuration for the chassis is 64 cores with 3.4 GHz bus working at 786 gigaflops. Each chassis can be connected to up to 4 TB of storage.