Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Make Money From Acid Dealers: You've Never, Ever Considered This Agriculture Investment...

From DailyWealth:
Interesting how certain threads come together...

I read recently that copper producers are complaining about the skyrocketing costs of sulfuric acid. A few days later, I read about Mosaic, a fertilizer company – about how the rising cost of sulfuric acid could impact its profit margins. Then last week, I came across a piece about how the cost of treating water is "going through the roof." The main culprit is, once again, the rising price of sulfuric acid.

As one water utility rep said:

As sulfuric acid prices increase, so do the products that contain this ingredient. The U.S. has also seen a shortage in supply of sulfuric acid. The U.S. has imported the majority of sulfuric acid from China in the past, but recently, China has slowed the trade of sulfuric acid to the U.S. because its own demand is greater than what China can produce for both the U.S. and itself.

In short, demand is swamping supply. Sulfuric acid prices in March hit a record high of $329 per ton, according to, after trading at $90 per ton as recently as October.

Sulfuric acid shortages? Hmmm... Well, time to take a look at this, I think...MORE