Wednesday, June 18, 2008

EarthFirst Technologies: T.U. (EFTI.PK)

I'm betting it comes back as a nano, Ag or H2O something or other (these things never die, see: Planktos*)
From the St. Petersburg Times:

EarthFirst files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Unable to turn a profit from investing in such green technologies as biofuels and reclaiming rubber from old tires, EarthFirst Technologies, based in Tampa, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The company's latest setback comes after months of financial problems. Documents filed in bankruptcy court Friday reveal that EarthFirst owes at least 20 companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2007, EarthFirst generated $18.3-million in revenue, but couldn't overcome setbacks in its biofuel business or surmount millions in operational costs, bringing its year-end net loss to $9.1-million....MORE

*Chameleons on the Pink Sheets