Thursday, June 5, 2008

Earnings Reminder: Trina Solar 8:00 A.M. EDT June 6

The street consensus is $0.48, the high est. is $0.54, from Cowen, we think they have a shot at $0.75*.
Do not buy or sell a stock based soley on what you read on a blog. That would be dumb de dumb dumb. Here's the conference call info and some of our previous posts. This is the last of the solar's to report this cycle and the earnings pop play may have overstayed its welcome, plus it's up 8% today. The only people who are sure are liars and fools and manipulators, as for me:
"All which a man without authority can give--His unbiased opinion, his honest advice, and his best reasons."
-Edmund Burke (1791)

*Disclosure: We bet on the Germans during the Big One (it looked promising in May of '40)
Oh, we're long too.