Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go Long Fireworks Now!

This is a bit off-topic.
I had the green angle in "Blow Things Up Eco-Friendly Style. And: Green Fashion":
...Tetrazoles and tetrazines are just two of the candidates for the next generation of explosives. Flame coloring agents could be replaced by aminotetrazole that contains non-toxic elements such as lithium, sodium, cesium, to determine a broad range of colors. The only problem encountered with colors for now is that there is no substitute for green...
which led to a fashion digression:
Why is it always green? I seem to recall that European dressmakers had trouble with green. One of the pre-aniline greens was made from arsenic, the poisoning from same tended to reduce its popularity....
mainly so I could work the narrative around to the picture at the bottom of this post, but once again I digress. This story isn't green, just straight ahead, star-spangled pyrotechnics.

From the New York Times:

This July 4, Fewer Bombs May Burst in Air
An explosion that destroyed 20 fireworks warehouses in China three months ago will probably dim night skies in the United States this Fourth of July.

Fireworks vendors said that because of the sudden shortage, fireworks like bottle rockets, ladyfingers and Roman candles, as well as mortars used in professional displays, will be hard to get, meaning many of the usual pyrotechnic extravaganzas across the country may have to be curtailed or even canceled....MORE

A post-aniline dress:

The dress was named Best Film Costume of All Time, by some people I've never heard of,
Atonement's green dress deserves all the accolades