Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Climateer Does When He Isn't Working...

...Or: I've got to get a life.

When the's Markets Editor posts something on oil or gasoline prices, it usually gets a rise out of us bleacher bums. He had one yesterday "Another $100 Oil Call" that is still getting comments. One commenter in particular, skh.pcola stirred the pot this morning.

Some exerpts from his comment:
The enviroweenies...
You psuedo-Malthusians can kvetch...
...the dearth of intelligent “energy” comments here...
...only empty-headed leftard wannabe intellectuals frequent the WSJ blogs.
...80% of the “journalists” who post here are propagandists...
...You loons can carry on....
My response?
I caved.

I have been convinced by Skh.pcola’s rhetorical flourishes.

I will be applying for membership in his (gender assumed*) Enlightened Intellectuals Energy Investment Organization.

As I understand it, lower quotes in the oil complex will verify the resource price discovery failure.

To this end, I am having a letter drafted for my signature asking Senators Levin and Coleman of the Senate Investigations [sub]Committee to nudge the CFTC into asking the NYMEX to raise both initial and maintenance margin requirements.
To be followed, perhaps, by a “liquidation only” order.

Sure worked in the Ag mkt. in Jan. ‘80.

*”In language as in life, the male embraces the female” -Margaret Thatcher

It is my fond hope that the board of the E.I.E.I.O. notes that in this post I have struggled to use polysyllabic words, the chemical symbol for silver and a quote from the Iron Lady.
Onward and downward.

Comment by Climateer - October 18, 2007 at 12:47 pm

But I got a blog post out of it.