Wednesday, October 17, 2007

USCAP and the White House

Ethical Corporation has the story in two paragraphs.

...Last week the US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson met with a group of CEOs that have come together over support for a mandatory programme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The companies, part of a coalition of 27 major companies including General Electric and General Motors, have been arguing for a pollution trading programme. The Bush administration, of course, is opposed to mandatory measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But even the Bush camp is seeing movement.

The corporate lobbying does not end there. GE's Jeffrey Immelt and Duke Energy's Jim Rogers were amongst the CEOs that attended a separate session at the White House with Bush's top environmental advisor James Connaughton reportedly covering a wideranging discussion. It is just another reflection of a factor we have seen before - the business community is now ahead of many policy makers when it comes to seeing the need for action....