Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nebraska sees dramatic increase in carbon credit program enrollments

From the Grand Island Independent:

The number of acres in a carbon sequestration program in Nebraska tentatively grew this year by nearly 300,000 acres, according to John Hansen, president of the Nebraska Farmers Union.

The carbon sequestration program is sponsored by Nebraska Farmers Union and the Chicago Climate Exchange.

A big reason for the growth of the program, Hansen said, was that this year it was opened to all 93 Nebraska counties. In 2005, only 51 counties were accepted into the program.

Also, Hansen said, the rate farmers were paid for program participation and the addition of pasture and range land into the program were big factors for the increase.

Hansen said 105,500 acres of cropland was enrolled this year, along with 185,581 acres of range and pasture that's pending. Also, there's a carryover of more than 58,000 acres from the previous year....MORE