Wednesday, October 17, 2007

They have the Internet on computers, now?

Homer Simpson

As we continue our tour of blogs (see: immediately below, above, to the left), our next stop will be Dow Jones & Co.'s online empire.
In "Dazed and Confused" at the Energy Roundup we read
"For companies still reeling from that recent awards business in Scandinavia and trying to navigate between the Scylla of business as usual and the Charybdis of expensive greenwashing..." and "Businesses should take note, says Mr. Noordende, but be wary of greenwashing just to curry favor.
prompting this from a fan in the cheap seats:
"I must say as a former citizen of India (mumbai)I must take exception to the author’s use of the phrase “curry favor” as being insulting."

Which reminded me of Apu's romantic line "Do I smell curry", leading to Green Day's cover of the Simpson's theme, Homer's cover of the Flintstones' theme, and as a special treat, Homer covering Frank Sinatra. And the title of this post.