Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oslo Gold

Russell Seitz, posting at his ADAMANT weblog has been on a bit of a roll recently. Here's a snip from the post of the above title:

A Mr. Arnold Ahlert of Boca Raton, Florida has asked :

"A question in response to Mike Roush's [American Spectator] letter regarding Al Gore's success" : if Al is "right about global warming," why didn't he win the Nobel Prize for Science?"

!. There is no Nobel Prize for "Science ", or in mathematics for that matter, a mathematician having run off with Mrs. Nobel....MORE

And these:


Photovoltaics Beyond (But Including) Silicon

A Brief History Of Global Warming Bets

Death And Taxes In Vwuip

David Muffett OBE was riding down villains in Nigeria even before they discovered internet fraud. Sadly, he has declined his last dinner invitation. Long before I visited Biafra, the imposing Administrator of Her Majesty's Overseas Civil Service looked into the Kano Native Authority with such vigor that Emir Sir Muhammadu Sanussi, abdicated, and "Aka yi masa mafed"--' they did him a Muffett' became a Hausa byword for "Justice caught up with him."

Db1301 The Falstaffean Muffett dined out on a Mandevillean tale of collaring the Tigwe of Vwuip , a sahel highlands chieftain with decidedly novel views on the relationship of death and taxes. Muffett, though a great respecter of local customs, did so because the Tigwe, impressed by a district tax collector's miraculous ability to squeeze shillings from indigent indigenes, ate him in an effort to assimilate his fiscal acumen....

I strongly recommend clicking the dinner invitation link.