Thursday, October 18, 2007

Merrill Lynch touts carbon note

Carbon finance (reg. req.) is reporting:
US investment bank Merrill Lynch is understood to be pre-marketing a structured emissions product to provide private investors with exposure to the EU allowance price.

I'm pretty sure Carbon Finance has this right.
From the Carbon Markets Insights brochure (the shindig at Javits, Oct. 29-31):

Carbon markets stream
2:00pm Roundtable: Carbon finance 2.0: A new generation of
financial instruments
Moderator: Atle Christiansen Point Carbon
• Carbon and weather
• Structured carbon financial instruments
• Swapping allowances for offsets and vice-versa

Barney Schauble Nephila Capital,
Olivia Hartridge Morgan
Seb Walhain Fortis,
Abyd Karmali Merrill Lynch

Oh joy! Structured products!