Thursday, October 11, 2007

Al Gore Still In U.S.: Nobel to Buddhist Monks?

Here's NBC 11's slide show of Senator Boxer's fundraiser. It sure looks like Al.
Update below.

Regarding the betting sites; beaten favorites suck up a lot of the crowd's dough, and lose 2/3 of the time anyway. Here's a real longshot (the petition was started way after nominations closed in February, and the race had no provision for supplementary entries):

To: To the Esteemed Norwegian Nobel Committee:

As the Norwegian Nobel Committee decides on the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize this coming week, we urge you to consider a decidedly late and unorthodox proposal: award the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Burmese Buddhist monastic order (sangha).

As I am sure you are aware, a decidedly lopsided war has broken out on the streets of Rangoon, but only one side, the military, is armed with guns, tear gas, and tanks. The other army consists of monks from the sangha, who have attempted to use their spiritual authority to protect civilian demonstrators and bear the brunt of the military government�s harsh crackdown.

For this supreme act of peaceful courage, we would like to suggest that you award the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to the Burmese sangha, the spiritual force behind Burma�s democracy movement.

Here's the Petition

Update: Mr. Gore has passed Barack Obama as the second-favorite at Intrade's "Democratic Nominee" prop-bet site.