Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore Beats Buddhist Monks

Al Gore, backed by his new band, Consensus, proved that superior showmanship wins out over amateur enthusiasm every time.

With James E. Hansen, PhD. on lead vocals, the monks didn't have a prayer.

We will have updates, including the complete playlist, throughout the day.

First thoughts:
Must give credit to the almost hypnotic drumbeat; head register*;
polyphony technique** including iso-polyphony*** undreamed of by Bach, the Tosks or Freddy Mercury****; choreography to make Michael Jackson or Busby Berkley***** envious,
a virtuoso manipulation of space and time.

Congratulations to a master.

On the other hand, the bookies are worried.

Bookies sweating over Gore's Nobel win
British bookmakers cut the odds of Al Gore becoming the next president of the United States and started to sweat as the former vice president won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.

The reason is that in winning the prize Gore has now satisfied two of the three conditions the bookies set for a 100 to one bet they had offered -- winning an Oscar, becoming a Nobel laureate and taking up residence in the White House....MORE from Reuters

*Head Register
The head register is used in singing to describe the resonance of singing something, feeling to the singer as if it is occurring in their head.

Polyphony rose out of melismatic organum, the earliest harmonization of the chant.

***The term iso is related to the ison of Byzantine church music and refers to the drone, which accompanies the polyphonic singing.

****"I never thought of myself as the leader.
The most important person, perhaps."

Here's Bohemian Rhapsody.

*****Berkeley's Water Dance
Michael Jackson: Dangerous