Saturday, September 15, 2007

Screw Northern Rock, It's Battle of Britain Day

The Prime Minister's September 1940 calendar is here.
Here are handwritten notes from a ballsy speech, given when the issue was far from decided (and 89 days before what came to be known as Battle of Britain Day).
Here's the speech as given. Audio. Video.

This is a brief overview of what happened September 15, 1940.
Here's the Beeb's On this day.
From the BBC (audio): 15 Sep 1940: The BBC’s Alvar Liddell reads the midnight news
Here is a list of all the pilots, quite a piece of research, and an impressive list of links.
This may be the most comprehensive site on the web.

The guy just couldn't shut up.
Here's another speech, five weeks before a really good day.
Here's an MP3 recording of "The Few"

So, sod off to Applegarth & Co., you've had your Adlertag.

Here's a cool illustration
(note; this is a MKV, it did NOT participate, but it's one of my favorites):

Spitfire Mk V...illustration by Lance Russwurm

Spitfire MKV...Illustration by Lance Russwurm © Labusch Skywear 1988

From: SpitCrazy

World War II poster
World War II poster
From Wikipedia