Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Petrobras to miss 2007 ethanol export target - Brazil, Venezuela

Brazil's federal energy company Petrobras (NYSE: PBR) will not achieve its target for ethanol exports in 2007, company downstream director Paulo Roberto Costa told journalists in Rio de Janeiro.

"We planned to have a steady volume of exports to Venezuela, but negotiations did not come to a favorable conclusion. It's as simple as that. Venezuela is using gasoline-blending component methyl tertiary-butyl ether, MTBE, instead of ethanol," Costa said.

Petrobras was trying to sign a one-year export deal with Venezuela, Costa said.

In addition, Petrobras was not able to sell ethanol to Nigeria due to logistical issues in the African country, Costa said....MORE from Business News Americas

Monthly U.S. imports of ethanol in June rose to 820,000 barrels, up 24% compared to May, according to preliminary company level import data supplied by the federal Energy Information Administration.

Imports of the plant-derived gasoline additive averaged about 27,333 barrels a day over 30 days in June, or about 29% more than the 21,258 barrels a day over 31 days in May. There were 14 shipments in June, two more than in May.

Brazil, the largest exporter in the month, increased exports by about 87% in June to 488,000 barrels in seven shipments, from a total of 261,000 barrels in three shipments in May. The Brazilian material made way to ports in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Jamaica was the next largest exporter in June, increasing shipments by about 71.4% to 192,000 barrels in three cargoes, compared to 112,000 barrels in three shipments in May. Two of the cargoes were shipped to East Coast ports in New Jersey and Connecticut and one was received in Honolulu, Hawaii.

El Salvador's exports were up by about 33% in June as two cargoes, totaling 73,000 barrels, made way to New Jersey. In May, El Salvador exported one 55,000-barrel cargo to New Jersey.

Trinidad's shipments to the U.S. fell by about 31% in June to one 66,000-barrel cargo to New Jersey, compared to two shipments totaling 95,000 barrels in May.

Canada's export level was steady at 1,000 barrels to North Dakota.

Nobel Americas was the largest ethanol importer in June, receiving four cargos; three from Brazil and the one from Trinidad, for a total of 209,000 barrels. The shipments went to ports in Boston; Perth Amboy, N.J.; and New Haven, Conn....

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