Saturday, September 15, 2007

Northern Rock (LON: NRK) Updates

Here are headlines on Northern Rock at this hour.
When I read that The City's Stockbrokers and Fund Managers were queuing up to withdraw their deposits, well, it gets your attention.

From AFP:
Panic grips Northern Rock savers for second day

From The Scotsman:
Northern Rock 'crisis' hits house builders

From The Telegraph:
Police help to disperse Northern Rock queues

From Bloomberg:
Northern Rock Experiences Second Day of Withdrawals (Update1)

From Pruduct Reviews:

Over $2 bln Withdrawn From Northern Rock Due to Mortgage Crisis: Bank of England To The Rescue

From the York Press:
Northern Rock investors rush to get cash from crisis-hit bank

*From The BBC:
Rock - the numbers

*From ThisIsMoney:
Will Northern Rock chaos hit mortgages?

*From the Financial Times:
Hedge funds cash in after ‘shorting’

*Gavyn Davies at The Guardian:
The roots of moral hazard

*From The Telegraph:
Banks stop quoting on covered bonds

From The Scotsman:
The day panic came to the high street

*From The Telegraph:
Small businesses under threat

*These are the stories we read. We broke our rule of reading before posting on the others. We'll get to them (and others) by Sunday>