Monday, September 10, 2007

More from the Economist: Old clean coal; Borrowing from Nature; Jolly green heretic; The Great Submarine Burp

Energy: Using photosynthesis to capture exhaust gases from power plants could reduce the emissions produced by coal-fired stations

For its supporters, the idea of growing single-celled algae on exhaust gas piped from power stations is the ultimate in recycling. For its detractors, it is a mere pipe dream. Whoever turns out to be right, though, it is an intriguing idea: instead of releasing the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels into the atmosphere, why not recapture it by photosynthesis?...MORE

Borrowing from nature
Clean technology: Architects believe that biologically inspired designs can help to reduce the environmental impact of buildings

Jolly green heretic
Stewart Brand, a pioneer of both environmentalism and online communities, has not lost his willingness to rock the boat

Alternative energy
A new alloy may revive hope for the hydrogen economy

The great submarine burp
Methane from the oceans could power the world