Friday, September 14, 2007

Hurricane Watch-Ingrid is born; Humberto and Felix--a sign of climate change?

That's his headline, not mine. I don't know what to think re: the hurricane/AGW thang (that's about as technical as I can muster).
A point to note:
Jeff Masters has flown into more hurricanes than I have.
Here he is almost killing himself going into Hugo.

From his Wunderblog:

Tropical Storm Ingrid finally managed to get organized enough last night to earn a name. Ingrid continues to struggle with strong upper-level westerly winds, which are creating about 15 knots of wind shear over the storm. Satellite loops of Ingrid show that the shear is keeping most of Ingrid's heavy thunderstorm activity pushed to the storm's east side. There is some weak upper level outflow to the north, and one low-level spiral band forming on the storm's west side. The NOAA Hurricane Hunters are in the storm flying a research mission, and have measured top surface winds of 59 mph with their SFMR instrument.