Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Genetically modified 'Zombie seeds' raise environmental concerns

"These and other "sexually dysfunctional" seeds..."

- "Exorcist seeds" have genetically modified material that is programmed to self-destruct, without hurting the plant, before reproduction occurs.

- "Pull-the-plug plants" are designed to look sickly, so they stand out from conventional plants, or to carry a fatal susceptibility to a certain herbicide.

"Wilfred Keller, of the federal National Research Council, says that for certain applications, Terminator and its successors "should be welcomed.'"

From the Ottawa Citizen, who also gave us this:

“The Ottawa Citizen and Southam News wish to apologize for our apology to Mark Steyn, published October 22nd. In correcting the incorrect statements about Mr. Steyn, published October 15th, we incorrectly published the incorrect correction. We accept and regret that our original regrets were unacceptable, and we apologize to Mr. Steyn for any previous distress caused by our previous apology.”

HT: Jay Leno

Update 6:27 a.m.---following up on "sexually dysfunctional" seeds:

Grow-your-own Viagra craze hits Britain's garden centres

From The Independent