Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In a Move that Stunned Wall Street, Nancy Nakamoto, Izabella Kaminska and, Davos DeVille Were Spotted Together

Thus putting to rest the rumor that Ms Kaminska was somehow the alter-ego (or alter-Id, it gets confusing) of Ms. Deville and of Nakamoto, Bond villain and widow of the creator of bitcoin.

From FT Alphaville's twitter sidebar:
Of the three , and despite Ms. Kaminska's entreaty to focus on one of her journo's rather than Davos, Ms. Deville is deliciously tart (not a tart) and like Lerner & Lowe's Brigadoon only appears for one special period of time (in DeVille's case annually, Brigadoon centennially).

Here is Davos DeVille 2019 reporting for corresponding with* FT Alphaville: