Monday, May 15, 2017

Japan’s Looming Ninja Crisis.

from geek tyrant:

Japan Has a Shortage of Ninjas and New Recruits Lack The Skills Needed To be One
There is a real concern regarding the ninja population in Japan. There is a major shortage in the country and martial arts experts are concerned that people who practice the art of ninjutsu might be disappearing. One of the craziest aspects of this is the fact that that new recruits lack the basic skills needed to be a ninja! This is sad!

I've been a fan of ninjas ever since I was a kid and now there's a shortage of them in the world! Ninjas are the most badass of the badass. One of the things that this is apparently effecting is tourism. According to Independent, "There has been an increasing demand to see the iconic warriors perform 'ninja shows' to crowds - but martial arts squads are struggling to find candidates who are up to scratch.".

Takatsugu Aoki, the manager of a martial arts squad Nayoga, Japan, told the Asahi newspaper, “With the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan on the increase, the value of ninja as tourism content has increased. There are more employment choices, while ninja shows across the country have become popular. I feel there is a ninja shortage.”

When talking about the people who want to join the ninja army, most of them don't have what it takes. They seem to lack the skills in "unarmed combat, acrobatics, concealment and first aid while also being able to use throwing stars and fight with swords."...MORE
Maybe they could hire this guy. Via Only in Russia (although the commenters say it's from Belarus):