Friday, December 4, 2015

Watch Out Mary Poppins: The World's First Tea Brewing System Utilizing Machine-Learning Algorithms Has Received Pre-Launch Seed Funding (plus a Princess Rap Battle)

As our nod to what's probably the greatest 1-2 combination by any actor currently alive, and possibly ever, Julie Andrews' Mary Poppins, released August 27, 1964 and The Sound of Music, released April 1, 1965, we posted Nun with a Switchblade: Julie Andrews and The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Sound Of Music with the Hat Tip going to MetaFilter who included this tidbit:
"It would surprise no one, perhaps, to learn that Julie Andrews travels with her own teakettle."  
No. No it would not.
I'm curious what Dame Julia [Julie] would think of this, via PE Hub:

Teforia nabs $5.1 mln in Upfront Ventures-led round
Mountain View, California-based Teforia, a tea brewing device maker, has raised $5.1 million in funding. Upfront Ventures led the round with participation from other investors that included Lemnos Labs PreAngel and InnoSpring.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — December 3, 2015 — Today Teforia, makers of the world’s most advanced tea brewing device, announces $5.1M in pre-launch Seed funding. The round was led by Upfront Ventures, with additional participation from Lemnos Labs, PreAngel and InnoSpring, among others. Teforia is using this capital to bring its intelligent tea infuser to the masses, with plans to continue research and development efforts toward future products and manufacture and ship its first devices in the coming months.

Founded by some of the top minds in product design behind category-defining devices such as the XBOX 360 and the Kindle Fire, Teforia launched as a first-of-its-kind intelligent tea brewing device. Utilizing proprietary machine-learning algorithms to give anyone the ability to enjoy a perfect cup of tea, Teforia also allows personalization with customizable flavor profiles, caffeine and antioxidant levels. Since its debut to the world last month, Teforia has been in distribution talks with several major retailers.

“We live in an era of unending innovation around coffee, and yet the experiences and processes surrounding tea have remained largely stagnant,” said Teforia founder and CEO Allen Han. “The food world has also evolved dramatically in recent years, while tea has gone overlooked. Teforia is righting this wrong by reinventing the tea brewing experience for the modern age, while still honoring the art and beauty of tea’s ancient tradition.”

Some of Teforia’s notable features include:
Personal recipe creation–Users can seamlessly adjust the various properties of any tea to create and save their own recipes with custom antioxidant levels, flavor and aroma notes.

Caffeine management–Program customized day and night settings for brewing tea with ideal caffeine levels based on your preferences and performance needs at various times of the day. Users are even able to decrease caffeine content by up to 67%....MORE
I don't mean to denigrate Teforia or Upfront.
In fact just a few weeks ago we posted on another of Upfront's investees, "Why Upfront Ventures Invested in Disruptive Rental Car Startup Skurt". It's just that I can't see Mary Poppins using this product.

Here's how the whole thing might play out, with Whitney Avalon standing in for Julie and Mrs. Claus proxying for Silicon Valley: