Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Starting to Wonder If Maybe ZeroHedge Is Right? No One Needs to Know Your Secret With These Fashion Forward Tinfoil Hats

The following is presented as satire and in no way implies any knowledge of, or belief in, New World Order plans for total domination of  an enslaved world population.
cough, Soros, cough. buy gold, cough
From Mic:

These Actual Tin-Foil Hats Are for Hip Millennials Who Hate Government Mind Control
Tin-foil hats — DIY headwear that supposedly protects wearers from mind reading — are the classic apparel of conspiracy-obsessed paranoids who believe the government is out to trap them. Now a company is aiming at hip millennials with fashion-forward beanies and snapbacks in a sporty shade of gray.

Shield Headwear, which seems like a pitch-perfect parody of earnest fashion-tech startups, is launching its inaugural line of fresh headwear, and these lids are fast on their way to being fully funded on Kickstarter. It's racing toward its odd goal of $19,628, with almost $17,000 raised at time of writing.
According to its Kickstarter page, the Shield uses special fabric to protect you from "electromagnetic smog." The project claims that the hats will use cotton with 100% "pure silver" coating to reflect and bounce off any kind of offensive electromagnetic or radio waves — a dubious claim, even if the project is entirely real. (With Kickstarters, sometimes it's hard to tell.)

The science is bad. The project hedges its claims with the kind of language that just raises questions about the safety of radio waves and Wi-Fi signals without actually backing them up, or even claiming that these hats will work very well....MORE