Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Cascadia Megaquake Will Just Be The Beginning Of The Troubles: Seattle Natural Hazard Explorer

Following up on July's "When The Megaquake Hits, The Living Will Envy The Dead" we have the Explorer:
Part I: Welcome and Introduction
Seattle is a beautiful place to live, work and play but it's not immune to major disasters. On the contrary, our region ranks number one in the country in terms of the number of hazards we face, which includes winter storms, landslides, flooding and earthquakes. 

The Seattle Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Analysis (SHIVA) identifies 18 hazards that pose the greatest risk to the city. The SHIVA is intended for anyone wishing to better understand how hazards impact the Seattle community, and provides a great basis for learning about local hazards, how they impact Seattle communities, and how the city plans to respond. 

You can view the full SHIVA here
The Seattle Hazard Explorer is designed to provide you some key content from the SHIVA in an interactive format. The subsequent tabs at the top of this screen will give you some insight into several of the hazards that Seattle faces. Each tab provides some information on how that hazard might impact Seattle, as well as some interactive content that provides more detail on important concepts. The map on the right also displays data relevant to the hazard. A search function allows you to find a particular address and examine how each hazard may impact a particular location, whether it be your home, work place, school, or another location. 

No warranties of any sort, including accuracy, fitness, or merchantability accompany this product.
City of Seattle, 2015. 

Part IV: Liquefaction 
...MORE, including volcanoes, landslides etc.