Monday, March 31, 2014

"Gold, silver prices trend sideways but Platinum Group Metals outperform" (PPLT; GLD)

Our mantra continues to be: "Gold to $875 and if you insist on exposure to precious buy platinum".
Not as widely known as 'Om mani padme hum', but it serves.
From Mineweb:
The gold and silver price were trending sideways in early European trading on Monday at the start of a potentially busy week. 
The spot gold price was last 95 cents lower than Friday's close at $1,292.75/1,293.55 per ounce, while sister metal silver added nine cents to $19.87/19.93. 

"Over the weekend there have few developments to move the markets but there is still unease over the situation in Ukraine and concern over the potential for defaults in China," FastMarkets analyst William Adams said. 

"Gold is still looking for support that holds - it spiked down again on Friday but found buying around $1,285 and is attempting another rebound. Silver seems to have also found some support," he added. "If support on gold is in, we would look for further bargain hunting to give the complex some lift."...MORE
Kitco spot gold $1284.20 down $10.70, spot platium $1411.00 up $5.00.
Our dirty hedge (long PPLT ETF, short GLD ETF) over the last six months, via Yahoo Finance
Chart forETFS Physical Platinum Shares (PPLT)