Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Europe's Inflation, by Country

Via ZeroHedge:

These Six Euroarea Countries Are In Outright Deflation As Eurozone Inflation Slides To Four Year Lows
...And while the world awaits the ECB to do something, anything, be it negative rates or outright monetization of German bonds (good luck), the Euro area continues to sing in disinflation and outright deflation. 12 of the 18 countries of the monetary union saw a decline in the year-over-year rate of inflation. Ten of the 18 countries registered rates under 1 percent and four of the 18 countries registered negative numbers. The largest “core country” — Germany — saw its inflation rate decline to 1 percent from 1.2 percent.

Worse, 4 Eurozone countries, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Slovakia, were in outright year over year deflation. And then add Bulgaria and Croatia to get the 6 Euro Area countries where prices are now in outright decline compared to a year earlier....MORE