Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Holy Cow! India Is the World's Top Beef Exporter"

I thought Holy Cow was just a term used by Harry Caray, FT Alphaville and yours truly.*
From the Atlantic:
India, homeland of the sacred cow, is on pace to become the world's leading beef exporter in 2012.

This graph is based off data from the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service. It forecasts that India, shown in blue, will be ship roughly 1.5 million metric tons of beef, passing reigning export champion Australia. It's a remarkable rise from just three years ago, when the famously bovine-friendly country exported less than half that amount. 
Here's how this has come to pass. Indian beef isn't really beef as we Americans know it. It's water buffalo, which the country's exporters sell at low cost to the meat-hungry but price-sensitive consumers in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia....MORE
May 8, 2009  
MarketWatch's Trading Strategies Special Report
When this part of the Dow Jones empire gets the team to write about the markets, the result is, to quote Harry Caray:
It might be . . . it could be . . . it IS! A home run! Holy cow!
March 5, 2012 
"Time for position limits on Vix futures?" (TVIX; UVXY; VXX)
From FT Alphaville:

Holy cow! Index Universe – self-described defenders of the ETF industry — have admitted there may be an issue with these products affecting the underlying assets, after all....
"Here’s a cow in Bangalore who’s obviously in the mood to chill. Some people criticize him for not being able to read, and others reckon it was him who painted that message there in the first place, just to reserve this spot when he needs it. "

Holy cow (Bangalore)

Cary swiped the phrase from Halsey Hall, see:
Thornley, S. (1991), Holy Cow! the Life and Times of Halsey Hall, Nodin Press