Friday, May 8, 2009

MarketWatch's Trading Strategies Special Report

When this part of the Dow Jones empire gets the team to write about the markets, the result is, to quote Harry Caray:
It might be . . . it could be . . . it IS! A home run! Holy cow!
The MarketWatch nine:

An old saying says 'Sell in May and go away.' Does that still hold true in these unusual times? MarketWatch's team of experts weighs the evidence and offers some valuable advice for the month ahead.

Throw your calendar away
As goes January so goes the year? Sell in May and go away? Don't listen to the slogans, says Tom Lydon, who offers a different line to follow.

Merry, merry month of May
Jim Lowell says the charts point to continued stock gains this month, though stay clear of foreign markets for now.

Only the nimble shall survive
Thomas Kee says we're not out of the woods yet, and a proactive strategy offers the only way to make money.

The silence of the bears
Michael Kahn says sellers will return to the market soon, but stocks are still unlikely to set new lows.

Ghosts of Halloween past
Buying at the end of October and selling at the beginning of May might not be as out-of-date as you would think. Mark Hulbert shows why.

Keep it short and simple
Michael Shulman considers some key indicators and makes an argument for shorting the market this month.

Investors must face grim reality
Hinsdale Associates' Paul Nolte says clouds still hang over the banking sector, and this must be taken into account when investing.

The winners' circle
Mark Hulbert gives a run-down on which advisers have made monster gains so far this year.

Solid investments
Kevin Kerr argues that now more than ever, commodities may be the just the thing your portfolio needs.

Plus three multimedia ringers:

Hunting opportunities
What investment opportunities are there in today’s markets? Robeco Investment Management
Chief Executive Mark Donovan has some ideas.

Balancing hope and reality
Riverfront Investment Group's Doug Sandler says don't make assumptions about May based on last month.

Beware May temptations
Bob Auer asks which is the greater risk: The chance you'll miss a May rally or the chance you'll lose all your money?