Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zeitgeist: "Bruce Springsteen blasts bankers in Berlin concert"

From the Christian Science Monitor:
The Boss goes off on "greedy thieves" and "robber barons" in fluent German during his Berlin concert. Bruce Springsteen returned to Berlin, where he played a July 1988 concert behind the old Iron Curtain in East Berlin.

Rocker Bruce Springsteen touched on a nerve of widespread discontent with the financiers and bankers at a Berlin concert on Wednesday, railing against them as "greedy thieves" and "robber barons."

Springsteen, a singer-songwriter dubbed "The Boss" who has long championed populist causes, played to a sold-out crowd at Berlin's Olympic Stadium, singing from his album "Wrecking Ball" and speaking about tough economic times that have put people out of work worldwide and led to debt crises in Greece and other countries....MORE