Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Climateer Quote of the Day: How to Trade Europe Edition

“The problem is you can make a pretty sensible argument for almost any outcome in Europe. 
It could be a run on the banks very quickly. The Greeks could end up staying in for a little bit longer. 
They could vote to take themselves out. 
There could be a eurobond. The whole situation could be overtaken by events. 
We could have bank runs in Spain. We could have LTRO. 
We could have a concerted bond-buying action from the ECB. 
You can make a sensible argument for almost any outcome it's in such a state of flux right now...."
-Bluecrest Capital's Michael Platt, JPM counterparty

From Market Folly's "BlueCrest Capital's Michael Platt on European Crisis & How He's Trading"