Friday, February 24, 2012

"Morgan Stanley: QE Doesn’t Translate To Rising Commodity Prices"

As I said in this morning's "Stocks and Gasoline Love Quantitative Easing":
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From MarketBeat:
Some fights are as easy to pick as walking into a Boston bar wearing a Yankee cap.
On Wall Street, the flashpoints are different but the idea is the same – certain topics don’t leave many people sitting on the fence. So it’s particularly interesting to see Morgan Stanley’s take on one heated and still-relevant debate: How much of an impact does loose monetary policy have on asset values?

The bank’s view, at least as it pertains to commodities: Not so much. The fact that raw materials like industrial metals and agricultural commodities haven’t soared as high as global equities since October is evidence, Morgan Stanley analysts said in a research note late Thursday, that “unconventional monetary stimulus is less inflationary than (some) suppose.” [Gold is an exception, said Greg Peters, chief cross-asset strategist at Morgan Stanley and lead analyst on the note, because it benefited from moves that threatened to erode the value of paper currency]....MORE