Sunday, February 26, 2012

California's the State Most Disliked by the Other 49

Not Delaware?
From the Orange County Register:

California is the most “unfavorable” state for Americans, with Republicans particularly adamant in their distaste for the Golden State. Democrats have a favorable impression of the state, according to the poll by Public Policy Polling.

California was one of only five states to get an unfavorable overall score, with 27 percent giving it a “favorable” and 44 percent giving it the thumbs down. (The rest of those polled didn’t have an opinion.)
Republicans scored it 12 percent favorable and 68 percent unfavorable. Democrats scored it 46 favorable and 20 percent unfavorable.

Hawaii easily topped the list, 54 percent to 10 percent, followed by Colorado, Tennessee and South Dakota. I hope somebody will comment below on why South Dakota is such a favorable place.

Following California as the most unfavorable states were Illinois, New Jersey, Mississippi and Utah....
The press release and polling results run to 73 pages.
And Delaware, I was just kidding. you're just so tiny and cute...