Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Valentines Day Edition of the Bozeman Police Report

TheMessThatGreenspanMade sounds sad:

Once again, it is slim ‘pickens in the police reports section of the newspaper as the recent snow – a couple feet this month after practically nothing prior – must be keeping a lot of people indoors and, those who venture outside don’t seem to be getting into a whole lot of trouble, though driving appears to be much more prone to error this time of the year.

  • A rubbernecking woman looking at officers dealing with an incident at North 11th Avenue and Main Street around 3 p.m. failed to stop for traffic in front of her and rear-ended a vehicle.
  • A dispatcher heard “numerous people talking and laughing about Valentine’s Day” during a 911 call around midnight. There was no emergency.
  • A woman sneezed while at a stoplight at the intersection of North 19th Avenue and Baxter Lane, causing her to inadvertently rear-end the vehicle in front of her.

  • A man reported receiving a text message stating, “Hey, I hid the body. No one will find it. Thanks for all your help. Delete after receiving.”
  • A caller had questions “about getting flowers with no card and the flower company won’t tell her who sent them.”
    A somewhat evasive man “kept saying no one needs to respond; that his friend is intoxicated and being dumb but that everything is OK,” after a dispatcher heard a woman yelling and buttons being pushed during a 911 call around 1:30 a.m.