Sunday, May 22, 2011

"The Rapture: Sign of the Econo-Beast" (AMR; GOOG)

From Kedrosky at Bloomberg:
And I saw the Sign of the Beast, 666, and it was, unsurprisingly, an airline. 

Have a great weekend, everyone.
That's not funny.

What was funny was the Nov. 26, 2007 close of Google.
Via Web Connoisseur:

Google 666

"Don't be evil" my ass.
I can hear Page and Brin doing the Bwaaahaha laugh as they fire up the 767 out of Moffett, all the while telling the peons to conserve energy.

That screen grab was about seven weeks into what would be an 18-month (to the day) decline for the markets.

What was really funny:
 The S&P 500's Friday March 6, 2009 intraday low of 666.79.

That was the lowest the index traded during the Great Decline although most folks date the subsequent rally from the Monday March 9 closing low of 676.53.

It's probably all moot. Scholars and numerologists say the actual Mark of the Beast is 616.
A number GOOG hasn't closed at since Feb. 10.