Saturday, May 14, 2011

It Was The Donald Wot Found bin Ladin

From CNN:
Potential 2012 presidential candidate Donald Trump took a departure from his sideshow topics Wednesday to tout his past remarks on Osama bin Laden, weigh in on the budget negotiations and assess his chances of moving into the White House.
During his second trip to the early presidential contest state of New Hampshire, the famously confident Trump said he appeared on television "a few weeks ago" saying bin Laden was in Pakistan but that "nobody else picked it up."

"You tell them (Pakistan) we're not giving you any money unless you hand over to us Osama bin Laden and everybody looked at me like eh, nobody else picked it up," Trump told a crowd at the Chamber of Commerce Nashua Expo. "That's what I hate about politics. You know when I buy a piece of real estate I own it, OK? When you come up with a good idea in politics, if they like it they take it and they say I have an idea and you know, by that time most people forgot it was Trump's idea so Trump doesn't get any credit. I love to get credit."...