Friday, May 29, 2009

Gold Off To The Races. And: Richard Russell Sees Blow-off Phase coming

The shiny stuff was recently trading at $979.20 up $20.20.
First up, Bespoke Investment Group:


And from The Daily Crux:
The great Richard Russell: We are near the mania phase in gold
By Richard Russell in Dow Theory Letters:

Every major primary bull market takes place in three sentiment phases. The first phase of the gold bull market occurred around 1999 to 2005. This was the "dirt cheap" phase of gold when only the true believers assumed positions. Old timers probably remember back in 2000 when I wrote that the listed gold shares were so ridiculously cheap that they could be bought and "put away" as perpetual warrants.

The second phase of the gold bull market started around 2005 and is still in force. This is the phase where the seasoned professionals and a few more sophisticated funds take their positions. It is in the second phase where we see the most painful secondary corrections. And it is in the second phase where the public first notices the persistent rise in gold. In the current area, gold is just starting to attract the attention of the public.

Every major primary bull market that I have studied or lived through ends up with a wildly speculative third phase. This is the phase where the public and the crowd rushes head-long into the market. We saw this last in the years around 2000 when people bought any kind of tech stock. "I don't care what it is, if it's tech, just get me in!"

My belief is that we're now nearing the beginning of the third speculative phase of the great gold bull market...