Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Damn! California Public Employees Get Paid A Lot...

...and they have a pretty sweet pension deal too! Here's a threefer, starting with Clusterstock:

In a way this is actually really good news. Seeing how much state workers in California make means the state should be able to cut a lot of fat without drastic cuts in services.

Over at MyProps, a user has posted a list of some San Francisco salaries, based on this database, and as you can see, they make some pretty tall coin. We're talking police officers and various public health officers making over $200,000. Now it's true that San Francisco is an expensive city, but it's true that a lot of people get by on much less than that....

Here are the top fifty salaries:

san francisco salaries

Here are the top CalPERS pension beneficiaries via Mike Shedlock:

CalPERS Top 10

click on chart for sharper image

Here's the database of the $100K Club, 5115 members at last count and growing.

Here's a Climateer Investing post from a year ago:

Green Collar Jobs: What Do they Pay?

With all the political positioning of climate legislation as 'creating' jobs it is startling how reticent the proponents are about actual numbers. From doing due diligence I know some of the numbers but public sources that have specific wages that I can link to aren't common.

Some of the jobs are well paying. For example the insiders at First Solar have sold $1.1 Billion worth of stock in the last 15 months.
(bless those German hausfraus paying the feed-in tariff)

The City of San Francisco seems like a good place to look for work:

..."If there are 25 people working on climate protection issues for the city, that's a good start," Newsom spokesman Nathan Ballard said....

...At least 12 San Francisco Public Utilities Commission staff members work on climate issues related to water and energy, including a $146,000-a-year "projects manager for the climate action plan."...

The list doesn't include the scores of staff members who work on broader environmental policies, like the recently hired $130,700-a-year "greening director" in Newsom's office...