Monday, May 18, 2009

Terawhat? And: Fuzzy Numbers Etc.

Two from Regret the Error:

newscientistLet’s be clear: the rate at which sunlight delivers energy to the Earth’s surface should be expressed in terawatts. Our “For the record” of 25 April (p 25) not only contained a nonsense of its own (suggesting that a terawatt is different from a terajoule per second), but also failed to address our original blooper, in which we referred to terawatts per day (4 April, p 24). Link

torstar1There are approximately 74,000 wind turbines currently operating in Europe, not 1,700 as was stated in a May 11 article about wind power.
A May 12 article about wind power incorrectly stated the current estimated cost of a new nuclear plant is $7,000 per megawatt of installed capacity. In fact, it is $7,000 per kilowatt.

Is it any wonder my mother is confused by this stuff?