Thursday, June 6, 2024

"New law grants US president power to block digital asset access"


From CoinTelegraph, June 6:

A new U.S. law grants the president unprecedented authority to block access to digital assets, sparking significant concerns about its broad implications and potential impact on users. 

A new law grants the United States president sweeping powers to block access to digital assets, drawing significant concern from commentators on X.

Scott Johnsson, a prominent voice in the digital assets field, criticized the law for its broad scope on June 6, stating:

“It’s hard to see how this isn’t intended to be a user-level ban power by the President on any protocol/smart contract that’s deemed by the Treasury Secretary to be “controlled, operated or [made] available” by a foreign sanctions violator. Breathtaking scope and implications to corral users to KYC/permissioned chains.”
Senator Warner’s legislative maneuver 
An X user posted Senator Mark Warner’s apparent strategic insertion of legislative elements on June 5, enabling the scrutinized new sweeping powers granted to the U.S. president over digital assets....

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