Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Intel CEO Says Nvidia’s Jensen Huang Is Wrong About a Basic Concept of Semiconductors (INTC; NVDA)

I'm starting to wonder if Intel's CEO has some sort of obsession with Mr. Huang.

From Observer (you may know them from the sister—real estate—site Commercial Observer), June 4:

"Unlike what Jensen might have you believe, Moore's law is alive and well," Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said at Computex 2024.

Despite falling behind rival chipmakers like Nvidia (NVDA) in recent years, the once dominant Intel isn’t backing down from its competitors anytime soon. Speaking at Computex 2024 in Taiwan today (June 4), Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger discussed a host of new company products and pushed back against claims from Nvidia’s Jensen Huang that the company’s traditional processors are unable to keep pace in the era of artificial intelligence (A.I.)

“Unlike what Jensen might have you believe, Moore’s law is alive and well,” Gelsinger said. The phrase Moore’s law was coined in the 1960s by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore and posits that the number of transistors on a computer chip would double every two years, with computing power becoming faster and more affordable. While the sentiment has driven the semiconductor industry for decades, some tech leaders like Huang have claimed it is no longer applicable to the industry and instead believe innovations in A.I. and accelerated computing are what will drive chip performance gains....


December 29, 2023
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