Friday, June 7, 2024

AI Use Case: Biological Immortality By 2030

This would be a pretty good answer to the question "What is the use case for AI?"

But I don't buy it. AI will be like the nanotech revolution that never was, never that is, in the sense of a nanotech industry. Instead, as with nanotech, AI will be embedded in the processes and protocols of every facet of human existence and we won't even notice it. 

From CoinTelegraph, June 6:

Longevity expert: AI will help us become ‘biologically immortal’ from 2030
"Longevity Escape Velocity" is when our lifespans are extended by technology faster than we're aging. Jose Luis Cordeiro says it'll happen around 2030.

Could dying from old age be just another disease humanity can cure?

While it’s not a consensus view just yet, Venezuelan futurist Jose Luis Cordeiro says the evidence suggests death and aging really aren’t the inevitable facts of life most people imagine.

A concept called “Longevity Escape Velocity” refers to the theoretical point where technology will be able to extend a person’s lifespan at a faster rate than they age. So even as you grow one year older, your lifespan might increase by two years. 

Cordeiro’s colleague David Wood predicts the watershed moment will happen before 2040, while Harvard Professor George Church tips 2037.

But Cordeiro believes it will happen much earlier, in 2030.

“If we make it to 2030, we will basically live long enough to live forever because we will gain one year per year we survive and more and more,” he says. 

People still don’t understand that aging is a curable disease and that we will cure it in 20 years.”

He believes that by 2045, we will start to be able to reverse aging using rejuvenation therapies on cells and organs, making us as “young” as we choose to be.

If that all sounds far-fetched, Cordeiro makes a compelling case that it’s at least possible.

Artificial intelligence has enabled a massive expansion in our ability to analyze the human genome to understand the key ingredients of longevity and to consider huge arrays of drugs and compounds to zero in on effective treatments.

He says there are already “immortal” cells in the human body and creatures on Earth that never age. If we can unlock their secrets, we can all live as long as we want. 

Longevity and the Death of Death: Jose Luis Cordeiro

While it’s not mainstream, Cordeiro is also far from a crank. A fellow of the World Academy For Art and Science and a board member of the Millennium Project, he studied at MIT and received a PhD from Simon Bolivar University. He’s also a candidate for the European Parliament in the upcoming 2024 elections.

He laid out the evidence for his ideas in a 2023 book, The Death of Death, co-authored with Symbian creator Wood.

It looks at recent advances in AI, tissue regeneration, stem cell treatments, organ printing and genetic therapies. Futurist Ray Kurzweil said the book “explains clearly how we might soon reach Longevity Escape Velocity and live long enough to live forever.”....


Of course not buying the thesis doesn't mean I'm going to short it. That would be like taking the wrong side of Pascal's wager. Plus, I'm pretty sure a few dozen deka and hecto-billionaires are looking at how to hurry this along.