Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Today In Kelp: "Akua launches kid-friendly kelp burgers"

Probably makes more sense than kelp farming for carbon sequestration.*

From The Fish Site, June 27:

Akua – makers of kelp-based meat alternatives – has announced a partnership with Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants to introduce two kid-friendly variations of their best-selling ocean-farmed kelp burgers.


Akua's SpongeBob Kelp Patties © Akua

*See for example:

Sequestering carbon in the briny deep is one approach. Another is to solidify the carbon into limestone or baking soda and bury it, deep. And while some big money (and political power) says removing carbon from the air is going to be required, there is opposition from folks with a range of objections; from the most common-sense: it is expensive and the cost of avoiding 1/10 degree C of warming should be laid in front of the people affected i.e. everyone. This is a number no one is talking about, even though it is basic math.* Another objection is the very real risk of severe cooling which is probably more dangerous than warming.** And then there is the unspoken objection: "but if we remove carbon I won't have my justification for mandating financial and economic rules-of-the-road and their capital, income, and cash flows."

From MIT's Technology Review.... 
And: "Amazon Funds Seaweed Farming at Offshore Wind Farm to Test CO2 Capture" (AMZN)

More bang for the buck (CO2 sequestered) with plankton. Plus, if the plankton is eaten by a whale and transformed into whale doo, much of it will sink into the abyss, effectively sequestered for eons....