Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Just How Big Does Land-Based Fish Farmer Pure-Salmon Plan On Getting?

This story from The Fish Site, February 20th, reminded me we had not been keeping up with the doings at Pure Salmon (RAS is "recirculating aquaculture systems"):

Land-based fish farm developer Pure Salmon has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia to build a RAS salmon farm in the kingdom. 
Which led to an "Oh look, the Japan operation is about to come online". Seafood Source, June 28
Pure Salmon, Proximar racing to be first large-scale RAS producer in Japan
The French operation appears to be expanding from processing (they seem quite proud of the smoked salmon) to include a RAS facility.
The Brunei operation seems to finally be getting off the ground. Far Eastern Agriculture, January 7, 2020:
And from the company, October 10, 2022: 
And finally, because Pure Salmon parent 8F Asset Management Pte. Ltd. is a rather close mouthed private equity operation this is an interesting tidbit they casually dropped via The Fish Site:  
...8F partner Yoram Layani told Agri Investor that they now have the backing of four sovereign wealth funds – two from Southeast Asia and two from the Middle East – several pension funds in Europe and the US, a large insurance company in Europe, and investors from the sector, including Louis Dreyfus and Nutreco.