Monday, July 31, 2023

The War In Ukraine And A Small Russian City

From The Barents Observer, July 28:
“It’s a horror” - Line of fresh new graves of Russian servicemen in Syktyvkar shocks locals
Because of the losses, experts warn of the new wave of mobilization. 

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Resident of the northern Russian city of Syktyvkar - Komi Republic capital - Inna Makatrova posted in the Russian social media Vkontakte a video from the local cemetery Verkhny Chov.

The video, that was published on July 23 in the comment section on the Komi governor official VK page, shows a long line of fresh new graves of the Russian servicemen, who died in Ukraine.

Screenshot from the video from the cemetery Verkhny Chov in Syktyvkar. 

“Oh my god. Our boys. How many of them are here?”, a female voice exclaims in the background.

“They are so young”, another female voice continues.

“I’m crying, - says a female voice again - It’s a horror”.

In the video is clearly visible graves of the Russian servicemen Bekker German and Valery Arteev - earlier in July Komi region governor Vladimir Uyba made a post about their death:....


And a look at the horrors faced by the Ukrainian conscripts and recruits, July 28:
"Former Special Forces engineer says Russian minefields are unlike anything he has ever seen and battling these hidden death traps is 'exhausting'"