Wednesday, July 5, 2023

"Orkney council to look at proposals to become territory of Norway"

Orkney is interesting. 

Not as interesting as Svalbard but interesting nonetheless.

From the BBC, July 2:

A previous vote in 2017 did not back full independence for Orkney

The Orkney Islands could change their status in the UK or even become a self-governing territory of Norway under new proposals.

A motion will go before the council next week to investigate "alternative forms of governance".

Council leader James Stockan said Orkney does not get fair funding with its current relationship within the UK.

He wants to look at Crown Dependencies like the Channel Islands and overseas territories like the Falkland Islands.

He suggested another possible future could be like the Faroe Islands - which is a self-governing territory of Denmark.

Councillor Stockan told BBC Radio Scotland there were many areas where Orkney was being "failed dreadfully" by both the UK and Scottish governments....

.... Mr Stockan also suggests that the council should investigate how Orkney could secure a "Nordic connection" with Denmark, Norway or Iceland.

'Deep cultural relationship'
Orkney was previously held under Norwegian and Danish control until it became part of Scotland in 1472.

The islands were used as security for the wedding dowry of Margaret of Denmark, the future wife of King James III of Scotland....

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