Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Batteries: "GM’s EV-Compatible Home Energy Bundles Will Compete Against Tesla’s Powerwall" (GM; TSLA)

From Inverse, June 28:

Another competitor in the home battery game.

Tesla’s Powerwall isn’t the only home battery player in town these days. Last week Anker stepped into the fold with its Solix energy storage products, and now GM — with its line of Ultium home products — is giving new details on home energy solutions that it announced back in October.

There are three different options in GM’s lineup, two of which (expectedly) tie in with GM’s EVs, which also use its Ultium platform. Both the V2H Bundle and Energy System Bundle will take advantage of the Ultium platform’s bi-directional charging abilities, meaning anyone that purchases those solutions can use their GM EV as backup power in the event of an emergency. 

A third charging solution, the Ultium Home Energy Storage Bundle, gives customers energy storage without the ability or need to use an EV....


As we said in a January post:

One of the more interesting bits in the 8K filing (and slide deck) was "Energy Storage" up 152% year-over-year in Q4. Elon is successfully building an entire new business inside of Tesla. 

The "successfully" was underlined in the original and may get a second underline if Tesla and CATL and Tesla and Panasonic perfect the already-commercial iron batteries:

April 2022: Tesla's Pivotal Move In Battery Chemistry (TSLA)

July 2021:  "What Tesla’s bet on iron-based batteries means for manufacturers" (TSLA)

May 17, 2021
"Tesla in talks with China's EVE for low-cost battery supply deal -sources" (TSLA)
Well I guess Tony Stark Elon Musk is now officially Iron Man..... 


Back in 2018 we posted "Batteries: Lithium-Iron may be Competitive With Lithium-Cobalt" but with so many technologies that failed to scale-up over the years we are a little bit jaundiced about wasting the reader's time chasing every rabbit that pops up.

However, if this works, Elon may have found the chemistry for the next generation of Powerwalls.....