Monday, July 17, 2023

Meanwhile, In Britain: " Boris Johnson Pleads Ignorance, Which Just Might Work"

I shouldn't joke about the war-mongering pig* but that's a funny headline. 

From The Register, July 17:

Infosec in brief Former UK prime minister Boris Johnson lobbed a wrench into the works of the country's COVID-19 inquiry by claiming he couldn't remember the passcode to unlock an old phone being sought by investigators.

The inquiry has been seeking the device because it's believed to contain a trove of WhatsApp messages from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when the encrypted chat app was used widely – amid criticism – by the PM and other ministers unable to meet face-to-face.

BoJo reportedly last used the device in question in May 2021 after it was revealed that his phone number had been freely available to anyone online who knew where to look for a press release he had put out in 2006 while MP from Henley and shadow minister for higher education. His phone number – still in use while PM – was reportedly unchanged over the 15 years after the press release was published.

Johnson couldn't remember the passcode "with 100 percent confidence," according to The Times, leading to fears that the device could be wiped if the ex-PM guessed wrong too many times....

*Common Dreams, May 6, 2022: