Saturday, July 8, 2023

Dutch Government Falls, P.M. Rutte Proffers Resignation...King Asks Him To Remain As Caretaker...

...Farmers party may lead new coalition, journalist may lead Farmers party and thus the nation,
Columbia Journalism School considering new module on journo-led coups d'etat...

I'm not very good with the Daily Mail-style 400 word headlines.  

From United Press International, July 8:

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte meets with King after government collapses

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke with King Willem-Alexander at his official Huis ten Bosch residence in The Hague Saturday following the collapse of the Netherlands government over immigration policy.

Rutte didn't speak to reporters following his hour-long conversation with the King as the country reacted to the prime minister's announcement late Friday that he is resigning and his cabinet would be dissolved.

"The King has considered the resignation and asked that the prime minister, ministers and state secretaries continue to carry out the duties they consider necessary to the interests of the Kingdom in a caretaker capacity," the government said in an official statement....


Although the UPI report doesn't go into it, the farmers, BoerBurgerBeweging – BBB, look to have the most seats in the next election based on most of the recent polls

In March the BBB was led to a very surprising election result by Caroline van der Plas:

Farmers' protest party win shock Dutch vote victory - BBC News

who indeed did look a bit shocked when the results were announced:

I was kidding about Columbia and a new course sequence, they are probably waiting for Chrystia Freeland to kick P.M. Trudeau to the curb before moving ahead with that idea. 

Rutte may be getting off easily:

"That time the Dutch ate their prime minister"

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