Saturday, June 17, 2023

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Says Virtual Reality Will Turn Us Into WALL-E Blobs Who 'Drink food out of straws'

So we'll mark that down as a no vote.

From Britain's Daily Star newspaper, June 14:

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has issued a dire warning about the future, saying that we could end up living like the characters in WALL-E once headsets like the Vision Pro become the norm

Mixed reality headsets like the Apple Vision Pro could turn us all into lazy blobs who drink food out of straws and watch TV 24/7.

That's at least what billionaire Twitter founder Jack Dorsey thinks. In an interview, Dorsey said he's worried that we're moving towards a future that looks like the popular Pixar film WALL-E.

In WALL-E, humanity has spent hundreds of years on a spaceship controlled by AI. Their lives have become so comfortable that nobody has to exercise or work, and instead people just consume non-stop....